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Victory News - Christmas Blessings!

God be praised! We all have so many reasons to rejoice this week. Of course the greatest of these reasons is the gift we have all received from God when He gave His one and only Son to be our Savior on that first Christmas. Jesus is the one Gift none of us would ever want to return! Come celebrate this Gift with me on Christmas Eve this week at 6 pm in the gym at St. Paul’s in Muskego where we are having a joint service with The Bridge at St. Paul’s. I'll be preaching a message from the Bible based on Hebrews 2:14-15.

I also thank God today for your generosity though as well. Yesterday at church was our commitment Sunday for our More Than Bricks campaign. Right now we are sitting at just over $300,000 in commitments and gifts made just yesterday alone! Would you join me in praising God for that incredible amount that reflects the overflow of your hearts! That means we are well on way to reaching our campaign goal of $500,000 in commitments over 3 years to help make our vis…

Victory News - More Than Bricks Commitment Sunday

For over 400 years God remained silent…until a voice in the wilderness, a prophet sent by God, cried out, “Prepare the way for the Lord!” Sunday we’ll listen to this voice as God speaks to us through his word to clear away the obstacles in our hearts so that we too can celebrate Christmas with maximum joy and peace!

Remember that this Sunday is also our More Than Bricks commitment Sunday. At Christmas we remember that God, the greatest Giver, gave us the greatest gift in his Son Jesus. So this Sunday each of us has an opportunity with our More Than Bricks campaign to prayerfully consider how generous we can be as God has uniquely blessed each of us.

There will be an opportunity in the service for each of you to come forward with your commitment card pledging your prayers, support, and gifts over the next three years. No prayer is too insignificant. No gift is too small. Together we will celebrate God’s faithfulness and pray for his future blessings! If you don’t have a ca…

Victory News - Bible Quest Pageant

This Sunday at Victory of the Lamb is our Bible Quest Christmas pageant. Of course you all are invited! What this means is that for the first half of the service you’ll get to sit back and enjoy the service as the kids from Bible Quest present “The Not So Silent Night.” Afterwards I’ll have a 20 minute message based on John chapter 1 from the Bible and we’ll have you on your way with plenty of time to enjoy some fellowship around the Victory CafĂ© in the lobby. Please note that because of the special event this Sunday we won’t be having Communion. We’ll wait till the end of the month for our next opportunity.

A couple other notes about Sunday from Cassy, our Bible Quest Director: Before church, we are going to have pageant rehearsal in Theater #1 for the kids and to coordinate all of the AV and music with the kids. Therefore, Theater #1 will be closed until 8:45am to allow us to rehearse with the kids without the distractions of people coming in and out of the theater. Th…

More Than Bricks - Gathering Sunday's Here!

This is a big week for our church moving forward! At Thursday evening's Plan Commission meeting, our church's site plan received unanimous approval. The Mayor commended us for being a church that benefits the community. He complimented our architects and engineering team and spoke highly of our process as an example of how things should be done with new developments in the city. It was amazing! I feel truly humbled to be a part of this and tremendously excited for the coming year. God is good!

I'm really proud too of everyone on our team who's been working super hard to make this happen. And I'm proud also of our City leaders and staff. They're a great group of people and have been helpful to work with. There's just so much communication that's involved in this process but it's amazing when good people get together to work for the common good of a community. Exciting things are happening here in Franklin and the fact that we get to be part of it is…