More Than Bricks - Gathering Sunday's Here!

This is a big week for our church moving forward! At Thursday evening's Plan Commission meeting, our church's site plan received unanimous approval. The Mayor commended us for being a church that benefits the community. He complimented our architects and engineering team and spoke highly of our process as an example of how things should be done with new developments in the city. It was amazing! I feel truly humbled to be a part of this and tremendously excited for the coming year. God is good!

I'm really proud too of everyone on our team who's been working super hard to make this happen. And I'm proud also of our City leaders and staff. They're a great group of people and have been helpful to work with. There's just so much communication that's involved in this process but it's amazing when good people get together to work for the common good of a community. Exciting things are happening here in Franklin and the fact that we get to be part of it is very humbling to me.

Making the day even better was getting to be a part of the design day for Kayla's Krew. It started early in the morning. I got to meet out at our land with Kayla's Krew, Play By Design (the playground designers), and representatives from the City of Franklin. I by myself then went out and walked on the land where I prayed--thanking God and asking his blessings on our day, our church's upcoming campaign, and our future in the City. Specifically I asked God to use us our church's ministry center building project to reach the people in our community who don't know him and those who are hurting that they might know the victory of Jesus too.

Later in the day at Ben Franklin Elementary, in front of a gym packed with people, Kayla's Krew revealed their playground design with the input they received throughout the day from kids at all the public schools in the community. I got to see a number of people from our church and some of the concept designs of kids who I know from church or soccer camp. So cool. Let me just tell you...the playground is going to be one of the most incredible things you've ever seen when it's all done. And the whole community is going to come together to build it over 6 days in September 2015. You're all invited to help. It's gonna be awesome!

Kids at Ben Franklin Elementary getting excited to see the playground design
So...this Sunday continues our big week as a church. It's our Gathering Sunday for our More Than Bricks campaign. We'll get together to worship our gracious God. Then after the service we'll have a special presentation on what we hope to accomplish together with God's blessings. I hope you all as are excited as I am about the opportunities we're going to have to share Christ's victory with more people. So on Sunday we've got an awesome video to share. We've got some stories to tell. We've got a mission to move forward and I'm pretty pumped to do that with you.

So friends, God willing, I invite you to join me this Sunday at Showtime as usual. I hope to see you there.

Sharing Christ's Victory,

Pastor Ben


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