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This Sunday at Victory of the Lamb is our Bible Quest Christmas pageant. Of course you all are invited! What this means is that for the first half of the service you’ll get to sit back and enjoy the service as the kids from Bible Quest present “The Not So Silent Night.” Afterwards I’ll have a 20 minute message based on John chapter 1 from the Bible and we’ll have you on your way with plenty of time to enjoy some fellowship around the Victory CafĂ© in the lobby. Please note that because of the special event this Sunday we won’t be having Communion. We’ll wait till the end of the month for our next opportunity.

A couple other notes about Sunday from Cassy, our Bible Quest Director: Before church, we are going to have pageant rehearsal in Theater #1 for the kids and to coordinate all of the AV and music with the kids. Therefore, Theater #1 will be closed until 8:45am to allow us to rehearse with the kids without the distractions of people coming in and out of the theater. The doors to Theater #1 will open at 8:45am for the pageant. During this time before 8:45, there will be Bible study in Theater #7 starting at 8:09 as usual.

We are also expecting a full house for the pageant, so as you enter Theater #1, please sit towards the center of the rows to make the most possible space for others.  Lastly, there will be overflow seating in one of the theaters (not sure which one yet depending on the movie schedules). Our plan is to have the service streamed to that additional theater with audio/video where people can still watch the service and sit in comfy chairs even if theater #1 is full.

More Than Bricks Watch the video here! Celebrate. Pray. Share! Remember that next Sunday, December 21 is our Generosity Sunday.

Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project – This Tuesday morning, 12/16, is our Christmas service project with the school kids from Christ-St. Peter on the south side. If you signed up to volunteer you should’ve received an email from Ryan Solie with details regarding Tuesday morning. If you didn’t, please email him. And to help you get in the Christmas serving spirit, check out last year’s OJC video!

Kayla’s Krew — This week Fox 6 News aired a special segment on Kayla’s Krew with interviews and footage from their design day last Thursday. You can watch it here.

VotL In the News The Franklin NOW mentioned us online. A bigger story is soon to come as well.

Christmas Eve Service — On Christmas Eve at 6 pm we are having a joint Victory of the Lamb / The Bridge at St. Paul’s worship service at the gym of St. Paul’s in Muskego. I’ll be preaching. Pastor John Backus from St Paul’s will lead a band blended with musicians from both our churches. We look forward to celebrating God’s blessings together even as we anticipate having our own Christmas Eve service next year in our newly completed ministry center!

My sermon from last Sunday can be found here on our website.

Finally, I just want you all to know that as your pastor I’ve been praying for you. I’ve used some extra moments this week to intercede with God for the people in our church family. I know many of you are going through some really tough times emotionally and spiritually. And I know some of you feel right now like you’re all alone in your struggle—whether it’s with depression, or anxiety, or grief, or physical pain or family conflict or whatever. But you’re not alone! Of course other people might not always see you hurting. They might not know exactly what you’re going through. They might not notice…and if that’s the case, chances are it’s because they’re dealing probably with something too in their own life that’s also pretty tough.

So I want to just end this blog post as a pastor by sharing this awesome passage from the Bible which ties into my sermon last week about how Jesus is our great High Priest. Let it remind you that Jesus loves you and lives to pray for each and every one of you no matter what you're going through: “Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them” (Hebrews 7:25).

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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