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I first saw it happen while sitting in the bleachers at my daughter’s basketball game. Two moms bumped their phones together. On purpose! What were they doing? They were sharing contact information. It’s pretty cool. With a smartphone and a special app you can quickly and easily share all sorts of things actually when your phone comes in close proximity to another one—once you’ve identified it as one you want to share stuff with anyway.

Of course sharing sometimes isn’t quite as simple when it comes to human interactions (sharing anything beyond a friendly fist bump that is!). Relationships are often complicated. And yet as we wrap up our Profile series this Sunday, we’re going to learn how God wants us to live out our own new spiritual profile that we’ve received through Jesus Christ in relationship with other people. We’ll see how we can share the status we’ve received as children of God with others.

What does this look like? Join me this Sunday as we study Colossians 3:18-4:6.

Things Moving and Shaking – Final tweaks were being made to our construction documents this week as our architects were getting them ready to send off to Catalyst Construction and the State of WI.  Meanwhile meetings and multiple conversations are ongoing as we wait for and work together with Kayla’s Krew, the City of Franklin, MMSD, the DOT, and the DNR to iron out all the details that are involved in the building process for our little corner in southwest Franklin. Please continue to keep the entire project in your prayers as we seek to be a church that can be a long-term blessing to our community! Even more, let’s always be a church that’s praying regularly for our local community leaders—mayor, aldermen and alderwomen, planners, engineers, attorneys…and (even though they’re not involved in our building project) the local school board members. God bless all those who work diligently to make our Franklin community a great place to live, work, and worship!

Leadership Team meeting – Had a great meeting this week. We’re continuing to work on building the healthy organizational structure needed to be a growing church soon to move into our own building. We want to stay focused on our mission long-term to reach those outside the church with the gospel while being effective in how we carry out our vision so that more members are equipped to serve and our community is served as we share Christ’s victory with more people.

Hospitality Team – This week I met with Christie and Lauren. Over the last couple months we’ve begun to put together a comprehensive plan to include a greater number of volunteers in welcoming guests on Sunday mornings and following up with them during the week. Stay tuned for more info soon as we polish some of the details and invite you to be a part of the team in March. Our goal is to have our hospitality plan in place for welcoming guests on April 5th which is Easter so that we have plenty of time to be prepared for the launch of our new building in winter.

Last Sunday’s sermon resources can be found here on our website.

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Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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