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Victory News / First-Timers Welcome!

First-timers welcome! If you have a couple days or maybe even a week or two this summer, you’re invited to join the Builders For Christ team building our ministry center. The Builders For Christ are looking for volunteers starting now and through the rest of the summer. Get a picture of where we’re at right now in the building process and find out how you can help right here on our church blog.

New Series Starts Sunday – For the rest of the summer as we’re building our ministry center, we’ll be studying Nehemiah. It’s an insightful book of the Bible about an actual building project. But not surprisingly it’s about more than just a physical building project—rebuilding the broken down walls of Jerusalem. On a deeper lever it’s about a spiritual rebuilding project—repairing the broken down hearts and souls of a nation. This coming Sunday we’ll begin by studying Nehemiah chapter 1 as we talk about what it means to have “a broken heart over broken walls” in our world all around…

Victory News - Soccer Camp Special

This week was our 8th annual soccer Bible camp at the Polonia Soccer Club. It’s always fun to go back to Polonia which is actually where we first started our church and where we worshipped before Showtime Cinema. When we first started our soccer camp in the summer of 2007, we had about 30 kids. Not too shabby. This week though, we had 163 kids! That’s how many kids got to learn not only some soccer skills but also that God has the power to triumph, comfort, and forgive.

On top of that we had at least 30 coaches and helpers plus I’d say a dozen more helping with snacks and the cookout today. #Unbelievable. I’m just so grateful for all God’s blessings and humbled to serve with such an incredible group of willing volunteers. There were a number of our members who actually used vacation days to help out this week. That is amazing. I got to say this to a couple volunteers today but when I see God’s people serving and doing it willingly and joyfully, serving alongside me…that…

Victory News - We've Got Some Walls!

This week four huge walls seemed to literally pop up from the ground! It was an incredible thing to witness the precast concrete walls of the worship space installed and to be able to walk around inside where I’ll be getting to preach and teach God’s Word in the next couple of months when it’s all finished.

At the same time the Builders For Christ have been actively working on wood frames for the rest of the building and are looking forward to building our storage shed as their base of operations for the next couple months now that we finally have the permit for it.

I’ve had a couple opportunities to stop by and meet people coming and going. I hope many of you get a chance to meet, work with, or worship with the Builders For Christ folks—many of whom have committed huge chunks of their summer to serve their Savior here. They’re inspiring people to be around. And thanks to all of you who’ve been helping out with supplying snacks, meals, and supplies. Y’all are doing a gr…

Victory News / Groundbreaking / Soccer Camp / Invisible Suitcases

This is going to be a jam packed email full of blessings, updates, and upcoming opportunities. First, thank you all for attending our Groundbreaking Celebration last Sunday! It was an incredible day that anticipates even more blessings. Special thanks to our Victory Café team for doing a great job on the spread of goodies after the service (as always!). Also thanks to everyone who helped with worship, set-up and take-down, as well as the groundbreaking ceremony itself.

I posted a few pictures on our church Facebook page. More pics to come. I also posted on YouTube a video that was taken of the groundbreaking ceremony itself in case you missed it. From start to finish the ceremony was about 20 minutes. I’ll have a few DVDs of the ceremony at church on Sunday too if you’d like one of those instead or you know someone who can’t view it via YouTube. Thanks to Doug for making the effort to produce them. And in case you just wanted to catch the song at the end, here’s a YouTube …