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Victory News - They're Out of Their Minds!


Victory News - A Special Thank You

First of all, my family and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your joyful, surprise adoption celebration at church this past Sunday! Thank you for your many thoughtful cards and other expressions of love. In addition, thank you for all your prayers and support in our journey of fostering over the last two years that led up to God gifting us with the opportunity to make little Haylee a permanent part of our family this past week.

We’re also so grateful to God for bringing us all into His family by adopting us through holy baptism and bestowing on us His saving name and the glorious inheritance of eternal life with Him one day in heaven. What grace!

We are so blessed to be at Victory of the Lamb right now. Lately while praying on Saturday evenings out on our church construction site when all is quiet and the shadows are long, I’ve pondered how good God has been to me these nine years of my ministry here as a pastor. I’ve also marveled on many occasions recently how G…

Victory News - Great Volunteers, Great Progress!

So many days of great weather have been a blessing for our builders—thank you God! I got to help a little bit this afternoon install boards up on the roof above our kids’ classrooms and offices. It’s absolutely amazing to see the progress made day by day and very rewarding to hear everyone pleased with a day’s work well done!

All the Builders For Christ volunteers deserve major thanks. They’re out there every day Tuesday-Saturday working incredibly hard and doing a GREAT job. And they’re doing it because they love Jesus, they find joy in serving, and they want to help us share His victory with more people. That’s evident the moment you join them for devotion and get your yellow shirt to star working. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re kind and patient enough to put up with people like me on the job site!

Thanks too, all of you from our church who’ve stepped up to serve—with donations, food, snacks, pictures, and physically helping out and being there too. Again we’ve had …