Victory News - A Special Thank You

First of all, my family and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your joyful, surprise adoption celebration at church this past Sunday! Thank you for your many thoughtful cards and other expressions of love. In addition, thank you for all your prayers and support in our journey of fostering over the last two years that led up to God gifting us with the opportunity to make little Haylee a permanent part of our family this past week.

We’re also so grateful to God for bringing us all into His family by adopting us through holy baptism and bestowing on us His saving name and the glorious inheritance of eternal life with Him one day in heaven. What grace!

We are so blessed to be at Victory of the Lamb right now. Lately while praying on Saturday evenings out on our church construction site when all is quiet and the shadows are long, I’ve pondered how good God has been to me these nine years of my ministry here as a pastor. I’ve also marveled on many occasions recently how God has grown both my family and our church family while at the same time bringing us now to the point where together we get to see our ministry center being built. Truly all the glory, credit, honor and praise belongs to our gracious God! I won’t say much of it, but many prayers have been spoken already within those ministry center walls asking for God’s continued blessings upon the members of our church family and the ministry opportunities that God has in store for us there. Let me just add too that Sarah and I have remarked frequently to each other over the last couple days how full and rich our lives are. We are truly blessed here.

That’s not to say the last couple years have been easy. Far from it. We have faced a lot of ups and downs plus our fair share of uncertainties and challenges. But God’s track record of faithfulness and your support have never wavered and I can’t tell you what that means to us.

By the way, if you think God might be putting on your heart a desire to help meet the huge need out there in our Milwaukee County community for safe, loving foster homes, but you’re not sure where to start or who to talk to…please know that you’re welcome to contact me to talk about it. Just putting that out there!

Help Build Our Church - If you have a couple days or maybe even a week or two this summer through Labor Day, you’re invited to join the Builders For Christ team building our ministry center. Simply fill out this form on the Kingdom Workers’ website and you’ll be contacted with more info to get you started. Not only is your help valuable, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment to be able to say, “I helped built that!”

Nehemiah Series – If you’ve been on vacation or missed the last couple weeks, remember that you can always catch up with our sermon series online via our website sermon series page. Simply scroll down to watch the week(s) you missed or download a printed pdf of just the sermon. I’ve appreciated hearing from a number of you also as you’ve expressed thanks for the livestreaming of our services that you’ve enjoyed while on vacation. And don’t forget to use our media to share helpful content with people who you think might benefit from it. Spread the Word!

Helping the Builders – Food Donations Needed. There are still opportunities as the summer advances to donate meals, snacks, and supplies. Go directly to the page via this link.

Love for Kady – Kady is a little girl in our church, 7 years old. She needs another expensive eye surgery to help correct her vision. I encouraged her hard working parents to set up a GoFundMe page and told them I’d be happy to tell people about it. This would be a great way to show and share Christ’s love through generosity to a family in our church. You can find more on Kady’s story by visiting the “Love for Kady” donation page at this link.

Enjoy Some Golf and Help Our Neighboring Community – St. Paul’s Muskego and Victory of the Lamb are partnering in a Golf Outing on Saturday, August 22, starting at 1 pm. Proceeds will benefit the Muskego K9 program that is vital to help our community combat the growing heroin problem. Open to male or female, junior high to senior citizens, members and friends. Click here for more information or to register. There are still hole sponsorship opportunities available as well. Please contact Dr. Joel Nelson for more info.

Host Team – Interested in getting involved? We need more people to help create great first impressions for our guests. Lots of different roles to fill. Introverts welcome too! Please contact Christie Mike to get plugged in where you think you fit best.

Bible Study – Every Sunday morning at 8:09 we have Bible study in theater #6 before worship. Come right in and learn with us.

Tuition Assistance Deadline Friday, July 24th - The Tuition Assistance Program is open, by application, to students and families that are current members of Victory of the Lamb who are either enrolled in, or intend to enroll in an area WELS grade school, high school, Martin Luther College, or the Seminary. This program is not funded through our church budget but through the generous gifts of individuals who value Christian education and seek to encourage young people to ultimately consider full-time preaching or teaching ministry one day. Applications and program guidelines can be picked up on the info table in the lobby or by visiting this link on our webpage. If you would like to donate to our Tuition Assistance fund, you can do so through our Online Giving page on our website.

A Special Spot in “the Wall.” In my sermon based on Nehemiah 4 yesterday, I asked the question, “Where’s your spot in the wall where you can join in and say, ‘Now that’s something I can do!”? Well here I’m going to suggest a very particular spot for some of you. Perhaps you saw it or read something online last week about the undercover video with a Planned Parenthood executive. In that video, horrific things were discussed like how best to kill an unborn baby and how some clinics aren’t as good at it as they could be. It also revealed that abortion is truly a money driven industry where money is transferred, body parts are sold, and the bottom line is certain organizations profit.

So what? If you consider yoursel pro-life but have been wondering what to do besides get upset, consider getting involved with WELS Lutherans For Life. We’re a local non-profit that operates Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) in the Milwaukee area. I happen to be on the board of directors. This is the front lines of making a difference not only in the lives of the unborn but their mothers and fathers too. It’s truly a pro-life organization in that it’s not just anti-abortion but about helping the whole family grow and thrive within a culture of life where the Gospel of Jesus is shared and healing happens.

There are lots of different opportunities to get involved and volunteer—whether being a monthly donor, a receptionist, a lay counselor, a help-liner or text-liner, helping with events or mailings, babysitting during parenting classes, and bunches more. Check out the website for more info about the organization. But I want to make this offer available to you also. If you’d like to learn more, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you at the main site in West Allis for a tour. Just let me know. I can introduce you to some of the people who work there and help you figure out where your “spot in the wall” might be. You don’t have to jump in all at once. You can take your time and learn what might fit you best. At the very least, check out and “like” the Facebook page for regular updates and opportunities in the effort to rebuild a culture of life!

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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