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Hymn-sing with the Builders For Christ volunteers. What better place than a garage?

“Shush, Satan!”

“Be quiet, Beelzebub!”

“Here’s a zipper, Guilt-Tripper!”

What can you say when you feel insecure, ashamed, or relentlessly accused? Sunday we’re going to apply an insight from the Bible that I believe has the potential to positively impact everything in your life. I can’t wait to share what I think is one of the amazing truths that makes Christianity so special and unique. I’m praying Sunday that God opens the eyes of someone’s heart perhaps even for the first time to see themselves from a brand new perspective—God’s.

If you or anyone you know has been struggling with feelings of insecurity, join me Sunday as we begin a short new series that I’ve planned called Leading Questions. For a sneak peek, read ahead of time the scene we’ll be studying found in Zechariah 3:1-5.

Welcome Caleb Schultz –This Sunday we will be welcoming our new student assistant from the Seminary for the next 9 months. Caleb Schultz will be installed in the service and I’m sure we’ll have a special welcome for him in the lobby. Caleb is fresh off of coming back from Georgia where he served as a vicar. Now he’s back for his final year of studying at the Seminary while also serving part-time at VotL. He’ll be helping teach confirmation class, preaching, playing with the band, and otherwise pitching in to help me out in all kinds of places as needed. I’m really looking forward to working with him the next couple months.

Moving Center Transition – This week about 25 leaders, coordinators, and volunteers from our church met here at the parsonage to begin making plans for moving into our Ministry Center upon its completion. Right now we’re still on track for our ministry center building to be completed mid-November.

Here’s a brief summary. I’ll be unpacking more info about every one of these things week by week as we look ahead to the big transition!

Mid-November: Ministry Center completion and occupancy. Tentatively begin worshiping at the new ministry center around November 22nd or 29th TBD. Possibly have some sort of Thanksgiving celebration in our own place. Will begin right off the bat with two services on Sunday mornings: one service at 9 am, the other at 10:45 am. Kids ministry will occur during both services. We will promote a “worship one, work one” culture so that all our volunteers have an opportunity now to worship during an entire service every week.

December: Continue working out the kinks in our new building as we worship there on Sundays and look forward to Christmas. Hold Christmas Eve service(s)! Times TBD.

January 10: Tentative date for a special dedication service where we would invite area churches to attend and celebrate with us (potentially in the afternoon). Send special postcard mailing for sermon series “All Things New” for Sundays throughout January along with new location information and a heads-up about Grand Opening in March.

March 20 (Palm Sunday): Tentative date for a special community-wide Grand Opening service along with other open house events during the week to invite our community. Send special postcard mailing, invite door to door, and promote Grand Opening via social media, email, and by all means possible.

March 27: Easter (It’s really early this year!). Plan special welcome for guests and potentially other Easter related family activities.

"We're #1...wait, I mean...One more window!"

Awake and Alive Recap – I had a great time talking about what it means that we are part of God’s family last Sunday evening. Check out this recap video for a taste of what this ministry for 81-25 year olds is all about. 

Help Build Kayla’s Playground! Our community friends from Kayla's Krew need our help building Kayla's Playground. This is a great way to show Christ’s love and volunteer alongside lots of people from our local community. Sign up to help with the Pre-Build (September 2-4) and the Community Build (September 22-27). 

Confirmation Class Meeting Our Confirmation Class is designed for 6th-9th graders. This course breaks down into a 3 year revolving curriculum. This means that students can join at the beginning of any new school year and receive the full course without having to wait around or catch up. For the remainder of 2015, the class will be held during the 9:09am church service in the party room of Showtime Cinema usually 2 times a month from September to May. The 2016 schedule could change when, God willing, we open the door to our new church building. 

For those of you returning or those of you enrolling for the first time, please email Jon Brown-Schmidt or Pastor Ben so we can get you signed up.  If you have any questions, please feel free to pass those along as well.  

Also take note that there is a parent meeting next Sunday, August 30 @ 8:30am in the Showtime party room before church. Here we will hand out a schedule and discuss the expectations for the next year. If you have a child in confirmation class please make plans to attend if possible.

Helping the Builders – Food Donations Needed. There are still opportunities especially now as we enter August to donate meals, snacks, and supplies. Go directly to the page via this link or contact Lori Stankiewicz.

Bible Study Every Sunday morning at 8:09 we have Bible study either in theater #6 before worship. Come right in and learn with us!

Last Sunday’s Sermon you can find archived right here on our website.  
Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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