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Victory News - Worship 1, Work 1 / New Bible 101

Sunday we’re continuing our series called Chiseled. It’s about learning how to deal with the reality of suffering in our lives and reconciling it with the presence of an all-powerful and enormously loving God. It’s about learning to see God’s purpose in the pain and suffering he allows us to experience in this world especially because we are his people. And I don’t mean to sort of just casually say that this is easy to do. It’s not. But what if our pain and suffering isn’t ever wasted in this broken world but in the hands of God it’s intended to actually bring us wonderful blessings? How would we know? How would we ever see this?

Come to Showtime Cinema this Sunday morning at 9:09 and discover along with me the wonderful answer that we hope to see clearly in Jesus Christ and his cross.

(Click here to watch last Sunday’s sermon—“Jesus always knows what he’s doing.”)

“Worship One, Work One.” Or “Work One, Worship One.”
Last week we said farewell to many of our Builders For C…

Chiseled Series Starts Sunday


Victory News - Builders' Joy