Friday, September 4, 2015

Victory News - Builders' Joy

Bob and Sharon Garbe always have extra smiles to share
This week my thoughts are with all those who’ve served their Savior this summer building our ministry center. Even as they leave, one after another, their joy in serving will long stick around! In that spirit I want to share with you all a poem called “Builders Joy” that Robert Browning (not the English poet and playwright of the 1800s, but the Texan poet of our 21st century Builders For Christ!) shared with me this week. Enjoy! (And it’s extra special if you recite it aloud in your best south Texas drawl!) 

There is a joy in serving we are all aware,
But serving the Lord out of love there is no compare.
Although not easy to explain this joy to those we know,
This love of our Savior is what makes us go.
It isnt just the building, boards and trusses,
It is living the love and where no one fusses.
As we are driven from project to project,
We give freely of ourselves and gain is not the object.
From the beginning day until a “so long,” we must say,
It is the friendships we achieve and the work we will leave.
For many will never know the deep joy we get by giving,
We work hard at building and enjoy the Christian life we are living.
We take pride in our building and have always known,
We will meet again down the road or in our ultimate home.   
For the true builders joy is serving the Lord with gladness,
And the ultimate love of our Savior that removes all earthly sadness. 

Mr. Bill’s Ministry – Many of you have had the opportunity to meet “Mr. Bill” over the course of the summer. I know many of you have also received something special that he hand-crafted during the week. Well since this will be Mr. Bill’s last Sunday with us at VotL before he heads back home to Michigan, he wants to do something special. So this week before church there will be a display table in the lobby with a number of pieces that Mr. Bill has made over the summer. Besides each hand-crafted specialty there will be a sign up sheet. Simply sign your name under the piece you would like the most and we will have a fun give-away after the service during the Builders update. Mr. Bill simply wants as many as people to have the opportunity to get something that helps you remember to keep Jesus as the center of your heart.

Mr. Bill joyfully working with his dremel
Till We Meet Again – One thing that’s especially comforting about the fellowship we have as believers in Jesus is the fact that we never really say Good-by, just See you Later. Because our hope is in Jesus we have the confidence that no matter where we go in life, one day we will meet again in heaven. It is with this happy hope that we’ve begun to say “God be with you till we meet again” to the Builders For Christ volunteers who’ve been camping all summer on our site. We wish God’s blessings till we meet again especially on Daryle and Velma Larson who headed back home this week as well as Mr. Bill, Robert and Jeri Browning, and Mark and Betty Pamperin who are headed home by the end of this coming week. 

Hymn Sing Recap – What a memorable evening! Monday evening this week we had a hymn-sing inside our unfinished future worship space. It was one small way for us to say Thank-You to all our Builders For Christ volunteers and all who’ve worked over the summer. In case you missed it you can get a little taste of what it was like to be there by watching this video on our Facebook page. And thank-you to all our VotL musicians and helpers who brought treats and helped make root beer floats!

Looking Ahead – We’re still on track to be in our ministry center building when it’s completed sometime mid-late November. What follows a snapshot of our plan for making the transition into our own building:

September/October: We’ll be sharing our vision for more volunteers to participate in the joy of serving in each of our specific areas of ministry.

Mid-Late November: Ministry Center completion and occupancy. Begin Sunday worship upon occupancy. Possibly have some sort of Thanksgiving celebration service. Will begin right off the bat with two services on Sunday mornings: one service at 9 am, the other at 10:45 am. Kids ministry will occur during both services. We will promote a “worship one, work one” culture so that all our volunteers have an opportunity now to worship during an entire service every week.

December: Continue working out the kinks in our new building as we worship there on Sundays and look forward to Christmas. Hold Christmas Eve service(s)! Times TBD.

January 10: Tentative date for a special dedication service where we would invite area churches to attend and celebrate with us (potentially in the afternoon). Send special postcard mailing for sermon series “All Things New” for Sundays throughout January along with new location information and a heads-up about Grand Opening in March.

March 20 (Palm Sunday): Tentative date for a special community-wide Grand Opening service along with other open house events during the week to invite our community. Send special postcard mailing, invite door to door, and promote Grand Opening via social media, email, and by all means possible.

March 27: Easter (It’s really early this year!). Plan special welcome for guests and potentially other Easter related family activities. 

Helping Build Kayla’s Playground This week I got to spend a hot and sunny Wednesday working alongside about 50 people from the community. My job was to help carry the foundation poles for Kayla’s Playground and set them into their proper holes. I found myself working with some really hard working city employees and it was awesome. They were incredible. We worked hard in the heat and together got a lot of big poles set into the 380 holes into which they were supposed to go. It is so great to watch our community come together to help make this happen. And it was special for me to see some of you there as well letting your light shine in our community too (you know who you are so thank you!) 

Planting a Playground!
An Opportunity For You to Help Build Playground – The pre-build will be finished by this evening. However there are still volunteer slots open for the community build where the equipment itself will be installed. Sign up here to help with the Community Build (September 22-27).   

Bible Study Every Sunday morning at 8:09 we have Bible study either in theater #6 before worship. Come right in and learn with us! This Sunday would be a great time to jump in if you’ve never done it before because we’re starting into a new book of the Bible—1 Timothy.  

Last Sunday’s Sermon you can find archived right here on our website. Be sure and check it out if you’ve been facing any faith struggles in your life regarding not having enough or doubting God’s ability to provide what you need most.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

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  1. Thanks again for all of your wonderful VOTL hospitality. We are safely at home, but many daily thoughts are still with you all. Robert and Jeri.