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Sunday we’re continuing our series called Chiseled. It’s about learning how to deal with the reality of suffering in our lives and reconciling it with the presence of an all-powerful and enormously loving God. It’s about learning to see God’s purpose in the pain and suffering he allows us to experience in this world especially because we are his people. And I don’t mean to sort of just casually say that this is easy to do. It’s not. But what if our pain and suffering isn’t ever wasted in this broken world but in the hands of God it’s intended to actually bring us wonderful blessings? How would we know? How would we ever see this?

Come to Showtime Cinema this Sunday morning at 9:09 and discover along with me the wonderful answer that we hope to see clearly in Jesus Christ and his cross.

(Click here to watch last Sunday’s sermon—“Jesus always knows what he’s doing.”)

“Worship One, Work One.” Or “Work One, Worship One.”
Last week we said farewell to many of our Builders For Christ volunteers who’ve worked all summer building our ministry center. It’s hard to believe but this means the end of our first church building project is in sight!

What does this mean?

Friends, it means change is just ahead!

Of course we all naturally resist change somewhat. We humans are creatures of habit after all. And change means some things will be different. Change means there will be some unknowns. But that doesn’t mean change is bad. In fact some change is good. It’s healthy. It’s necessary. And so over the next couple weeks we’re going to communicate some of the changes that we’ll be making as a church about to move into our first permanent ministry center towards the end of November.

When we move into our ministry center, we plan on starting with two services right away on Sunday mornings. The first service will start at 9:00 am. The second service will start at 10:45 am.

Going to two services will be a big change. But it will allow us to reach more people. And what this change will do is allow us to develop a “Worship One, Work One” church culture. In other words everyone now will have the opportunity to attend an entire worship service while also playing a key role in serving others. For example, one of our  kids’ ministry volunteers will now be able to actually attend a worship service while at the same time still be able to help out with kids’ ministry during the other service. Thus they will be able to “Worship One, Work One.”

What will this mean for you? Volunteerism has always been one our church’s core values (see p. 16!). This change simply means we will be asking many more of you to volunteer in different roles to help on Sunday mornings than are currently serving.

What won’t this mean for you? It won’t mean that you’re always needed for serving every single Sunday. The more people who start volunteering and serving, the more rotations we can build into a schedule so that serving will be a joy for everyone and not a burden for anyone.

New Bible 101 Class Starting – What is it? Bible 101 is your opportunity to explore the greatest story ever told. It’s the starting point in our church for anyone who would like to learn more about God, anyone who wants to see for themselves what the Bible says, or anyone who has spiritual questions on their mind. It’s also a great refresher for anyone who’d like to review the Bible’s basic teachings or who who’d like to grow beyond knowing just a bunch of religious sounding clichés.

No previous Bible knowledge needed or expected!
Here’s the scoop: Starting September 22nd, over the course of 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm we’ll meet in the conference room at CESI (Competitive Edge Software, Inc.) which is located at 9850 S 54th St in the Franklin Business District.

Just contact me to register or feel free to ask if you have any questions. All materials provided free of charge.

Sharing Christ's Victory,

Pastor Ben


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