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Sanctuary stage. Amazing woodwork being done by our Builders For Christ friends!
“Fine words butter no parsnips.” – 17th Century Proverb

Not sure I’ve ever tasted a parsnip!, but I think we can all relate to what this old proverb’s trying to say. Just because someone promises something does not guarantee that they will do it. Or, in a spiritual sense, good intentions don’t always translate into God-pleasing actions.

Tomorrow in church we’ll take a look at how thankfully Jesus followed through on all his good intentions and how this changes everything when it comes to ours.

In case you missed it, click here to watch last Sunday’s sermon that Caleb Schultz preached based on 2 Corinthians 8:9-15.

Things Moving and Shaking: This past Thursday we had a VotL owner’s meeting with Catalyst Construction. Things are progressing well and it sounds like we’re still on track for occupancy mid-late November. God be praised! The parking lot has been completed. Electricity is running. Painting is ongoing. Interior finishes such as fixtures, cabinets, countertops, baseboards, and trim are being installed. Builders For Christ volunteers have continued to come and help over and above what was committed. They have done outstanding work building the stage for the worship space and the large kids’ room, the av deck in the worship space, custom benches in the lobby, and countless other detail kinds of things like that. We are truly thankful for their dedication!

Victory Cafe and main lobby coming together
Tuesday Evening Small Group, Newcomers welcome! Meeting on Tuesdays, beginning Oct 13 through Nov 17, 6:30 PM- about 7:30 PM at Ron and Sue Takacs house, 7275 Foxcroft Crt, Franklin. Contact Tim Johnson for more info / 414-322-5432

Opportunities To Serve  – Worship Arts
The last couple weeks at church we’ve talked about the “Worship One, Work One” culture that we want to create so that in our new ministry center everyone will have an opportunity to worship an entire service while at the same time being able to volunteer and serve others during a second service. To make this possible we plan on starting with two services right away on Sunday mornings. The first service will start at 9:00 am. The second service will start at 10:45 am.
Here’s what we highlighted this past Sunday:

Music Team:  Musicians and vocalists. Do you play an instrument? Do you want to play an instrument? If so, what would it be? Have you ever considered vocal lessons? We want to continue to grow our music team, mentor young musicians, gradually grow our capacity for doing multiple services, and perhaps also develop our own youth band to work with kids’ ministry. Necessary traits are a desire to honor Jesus through music, humility, and a willingness to work together with other musicians of different abilities on a team to give glory to God. Who to contact? Sarah Kuerth / 414-433-4970

Production Team: Audio / Visual / Lighting / Livestreaming — The technical side of sharing Christ’s victory is mostly behind the scenes. Would you like to be part of creating an excellent, distraction free worship environment for our new ministry center as well as online? We will have new equipment and technology to learn how to use - we’ll all be learning together how to use it as we expand our capabilities and try some new things. We’re looking for people willing to learn how to operate the sound board, control the house and stage lights, build the worship services for the screen, run lyrics...any of those kinds of things. Also we will need people to operate a video camera for live recording of the service, to run the live stream of our service over the internet, and to interact with our online guests. Experience not necessary. Passion to share God’s word through technology required. Ongoing resources and training will be provided. Interested? Please contact Nancy Thompson / 414-559-1391 (cell)

Sign Up To Serve Online: We now have a page on our website where you can learn about the different opportunities to serve that we’ve been talking about the last couple weeks. You can then fill out an online form according to your interests and be contacted with more information about future training opportunities and getting connected.

Suitcase for St Lucia: In early November, members from our church will be going down to St Lucia and visiting Trinity Lutheran Church, one of our More Than Bricks mission partners. They’re able to take an extra suitcase filled with school supplies for the preschool at Trinity. Here’s a list of things they need: Sticky tac, Paint, Tape, Thumb tac, White out, Play dough, Laminating sheets, Outdoor chalk, Liquid glue, Stick glue, Coloured pens, Folders ( ones with the tack), Sticky note, Hand sanitizer, Hand tissue. If you’d like to help fill the suitcase simply bring any of these items to church the next 3 Sundays or contact Jim Guenther to ask how you can help.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben  


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