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Victory News - A Whole New Church

We’re building a whole NEW church!

Well, not exactly, at least not according to what you’re probably thinking. We just built a new ministry center after all.

But the Holy Spirit continues to build Christ’s Church through our gospel witness. And through this gospel message and the means of God’s grace he is making new creations out of people’s hearts and lives—including our own.
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17)!

You see sometimes we all need a fresh, new perspective on our lives. And what we’re going to talk about tomorrow is that when it’s Jesus who gives us a fresh perspective, he can also provide us with a whole new purpose. In this way God is always building a whole new church.

“Return home and tell how much God has done for you” (Luke 8:39).

All are invited to join me for worship Sunday morning at 9 or 10:45. Victory Kids during both.

Open Forums – Our church has been extremely blessed to have rec…

Victory News - What a Weekend!

Despite the cold it was sure a fantastic weekend for our contractor thank-you and our special dedication service. Special thanks to our District Mission Board Chairman, Pastor Mark Wagner, for preaching—“Let THIS be about the Lord’s great love!” I also personally appreciated and took to heart his reminder that our new building isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. Now we’re really getting started again!

And it was sure wonderful to celebrate with all our Builders For Christ friends who showed up and represented so well. It was rewarding to have them come back and watch them wander around the building and to listen to their reactions at seeing the finishing touches: “This exceeded my expectations.” To God the glory!

I’m also privileged to report that our special dedication offering gathered just over $2,000 which, as we announced at the service, we are splitting up between our More Than Bricks campaign and the Builders For Christ organization. In this way our dedication …

New "Mix and Match" Bible 101 Class

Dear Friends,

It's a new year. We've just moved into our brand new ministry center located at 11120 W Loomis Rd here in Franklin.

Why not start a new faith journey by being a part of my first Bible 101 class in our new ministry center?

Bible 101 is the starting point for anyone looking to learn more about God, anyone who wants to see for themselves what the Bible says, anyone interested in being a member of our church, or anyone just searching for truth with lots of questions.

It’s also a great refresher for anyone who’d just like to review the Bible’s basic teachings.

No previous Bible knowledge needed or expected. All materials provided free of charge.

Here’s the scoop: You can “mix and match” Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons starting January 12th and 16th. Bible 101 is 4 lessons (4 weeks). After that Bible 201 begins which is 6 lessons (6 weeks). After that Bible 301 begins which is 8 lessons (8 weeks).

So each week you have an option. Come Tuesday evenings from …

Victory News - Dedication Sunday!

Nine years ago a little mission church started with less than nine people. We called it “Victory of the Lamb” because we wanted it to be all about Jesus. We’ve worshiped in a soccer club and a cinema. We’ve held Bible studies at a health club, a bank, restaurants, coffee shops, houses, apartments, condo association clubhouses, a warehouse and a computer software company conference room. We’ve held outreach events in local parks, at the library, and in parades. We’ve canvassed door to door, hung door hangers, mailed postcards, and invited family members, friends, and neighbors.

And this Sunday, by God's grace, we will be dedicating our brand new ministry center located along Loomis Rd to the glory of God in a special service at 2 pm in the afternoon!

All are invited to join us praising God—including our local area WELS congregations, our District Mission Board, Kingdom Workers, contractors and our many Builders For Christ volunteers, friends, and supporters who helped …

Victory News - All Things New

Happy New Year! Sometimes though at the hinge point between another year gone by and a new year that’s before us it’s easy to feel weary of same old, same old, isn’t it? Same old job, same old stresses and pressures in life, same old personal struggles. But here’s the great thing… God’s blessings to us are new every morning!

As God grows us through word and sacrament, he promises that he will make us new, that he will give us new power, new hope, new love and new purpose so that our spirits are revived once again. That’s why this Sunday at our brand new ministry center in this brand new year we’re starting a series called All Things New.

Together we will marvel at the new things Jesus did in people's lives. We will also find new life, joy and excitement as we begin to see more clearly all the amazing things that Jesus continues to do in our lives. So even if you haven’t been in church for a while, please don’t let anything keep you away. A fresh start is always poss…