Friday, February 26, 2016

Victory News - "Risen" movie and Easter for Kids

Koine rehearsing before our Ash Wednesday service
The last couple weeks we’ve had special services and seen many new guests join us for worship. Just over 300 people worshipped with us on Ash Wednesday as the band Koine led us in their “Footsteps to the Cross” service. It was a moving experience for me to get to read Scripture beneath their music and put myself in the shoes of some of the characters in the story of our Savior’s journey to the cross.

And last Sunday we welcomed Joel and Bill from Jesus Cares Ministries who helped cast a vision of what an expanded ministry to people with special needs might look like as we reach out here in Franklin. Did you have fun playing along with all the musical instruments?

This Sunday we’re getting back into the groove of our Lent series Scandal as Vicar Caleb will help us understand Luke 13:1-9 and what living in daily repentance is supposed to look like in real life.

All are invited to join us for worship Sunday morning at 9 or 10:45. Victory Kids during both.

Special “Risen” Movie Night – I’ve arranged to have a special showing of the new movie "Risen" at Showtime Cinema on Friday, March 4th, at 6:15 pm. Tickets are $5 a person and popcorn+soda is an additional $5.50.  After the movie, I will host a get-together at the ministry center from 8:15-9:15pm for anyone who wants to talk about the movie and enjoy some post-movie ice cream fellowship.

Deadline to register is noon on Thursday, March 3.  To find out more about the movie and to register, visit the event page on our church website.

Risen might best be thought of as a piece of historical fiction that imagines what might have happened if a character we don't meet in the Bible interacts with those who are found there, and observes the events surrounding and following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Easter For Kids is on Saturday March 12th, a special one day kids’ event to take place at our ministry center between 11am-3pm for kids ages 3-11. To register, visit our church website. To volunteer during the event or to donate specific items that are needed, please visit the Victory Kids lobby after church and talk to Cassy.

After some strong winds this week, our banner was down...but not out.
Quest Teen Ministry (7th – 12th grade) Next Sunday, March 6th is the first meeting of Quest in our new ministry center. If you have any questions please contact Jon Brown-Schmidt at or call/text 414-531-3690.  Also follow Quest on Facebook.

VotL Travel Mugs are available for you to purchase in the Welcome Area the next 2 weeks for $8 each. For your $8, you are not only buying one for yourself, but also one for a guest. The idea is that these travel mugs will serve as our special gift for first-time guests starting March 13th. Consider bringing your VotL travel mug to church to help reduce the use of disposable coffee cups.

Community Grand Opening on March 20th at our Sunday morning services followed by Holy Week Services on Maundy Thursday (March 24th) at 6:30 pm and Good Friday (March 25th) at 6:30 pm and Easter Sunday (March 27th).

Find a Place to Serve – Our Host Team helps make great first impressions for our guests. Contact Christie Mike about various opportunities to serve on the Host Team. Likewise our Usher Team plays an important role in helping people find where to go, find a seat, and facilitate logistics during the service. To find out more about being part of the Usher Team please contact Karl Freund.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Upcoming Worship Services

Dear Friends,

Jesus Cares Ministries assists congregations in reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and their communities. For our worship this coming Sunday February 21, Pastor Joel Gaertner, the National Director of Jesus Cares Ministries, and Staff Minister Bill Truebenbach will be leading us in the Jesus Cares simplified service “Worship at the Cross” for our worship. The service format is similar to our own but a bit shorter. So right after the service itself they will also be giving a brief presentation on Jesus Cares Ministry. All of this is intended to help our congregation better understand Jesus Cares Ministry and the opportunity we have to reach out to people with special needs in our area.

And while on the topic of worship, since we do not have any other Wednesday Lenten services at Victory of the Lamb this year besides the special Ash Wednesday service that we had last week, you and your family are invited to attend Lenten services as you have the opportunity at one of our area WELS congregations. Here’s a menu of local options for …

St. Jacobi in Greenfield (8605 W Forest Home Ave, Greenfield) Wednesday worship at 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm

St. Paul’s in Muskego (Janesville Rd and Tess Corners) Wednesday worship at 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm

St. Paul’s in Franklin (51st and Rawson) Wednesday worship at 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm

St. John’s in Oak Creek (10302 S 27th St, Oak Creek) Wednesday worship at 6:30 pm

Star of Bethlehem in New Berlin (3700 S. Casper Drive) Wednesday worship at 6:30 pm

Living Water in Wind Lake (6525 N. Milwaukee Ave. / Hwy. 36) Wednesday worship at 7:00 pm

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Footsteps to the Cross with Koine

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow evening, February 10th, at 6:30 pm, you’re all invited to experience “Footsteps to the Cross” – a musical narrative service arranged by the band Koine. In a moving way they’ll weave together Scripture, music, and environmental projection to highlight the final steps of our Savior as He journeyed to the cross in our place for our sins. This will be a powerful way to begin our Lenten journey. All are welcome!

Please consider using social media or email to share this special invitation with your family and friends. We have an event set up on our church Facebook page to make it easy to do so. Here’s a link. Don’t underestimate the power of a personal invitation!

I’ve also been asked to share that our wonderful Victory CafĂ© volunteers have decided to serve a “light” supper of BBQ Pork sandwiches, chips, and cookies prior to the service on Wednesday. We hope that considering the time of the service this would be especially appreciated by those coming right from work or having little time to prepare anything at home.

What: “Footsteps to the Cross” with Koine
When: Ash Wednesday, February 10th, at 6:30 pm
Where: Victory of the Lamb Church
11120 W Loomis Rd
Franklin, WI 53132

Please note: There will be no Victory Kids program during the service. The nursery in the Victory Kids wing will be open however for any parents looking for a place to take their kids during the service.

For more info about our church please visit

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben  

Friday, February 5, 2016

Victory News - Open Forums

This Sunday we’ll be wrapping up our All Things New series as we give thanks for the “new vision” that Jesus gave his first disciples and us. It is a new vision that can sustain us along our journey through life when there seems so often to be no happy ending here on earth.

All are invited to join us for worship Sunday morning at 9 or 10:45. Victory Kids during both.

Open Forum This Sunday After 2nd Service – Our church has been extremely blessed to have received grant request approvals so far in the amount of $85,000 to help fund a second full-time pastor position. An additional grant from our District Mission Board is being pursued with their support. Therefore the Leadership Team invites all members of our congregation to attend one of two open forums to hear our plans for calling a second pastor and to receive input on future staffing and ministry considerations as presented in our 2020 Staffing Vision. The first open forum will be held this Sunday after worship on Sunday, February 7th, at noon. If you’re unable to make it at that time, a second opportunity will be on Thursday evening, February 11th at 6:30 pm.

Ash Wednesday Worship with Koine – On Wednesday, February 10th, at 6:30 pm we’ll be having a special service led by the band Koine. We won’t be having any other regular mid-week Lent services then until Holy Week. During Holy Week we’ll have a simple Maundy Thursday (March 24th) communion service at 6:30 pm, a Good Friday (March 25th) service at 6:30 pm, and then Easter Sunday worship at our regular Sunday morning times of 9 and 10:45.

Quest Teen Ministry (7th – 12th grade) – The foundations for our Teen Ministry are beginning to come together. We are planning March 6th as the first meeting of Quest in our new ministry center. Prior to that, we are looking for a couple more leaders. If you are interested in being an adult leader in our teen ministry please contact Jon Brown-Schmidt at or call/text 414-531-3690.  Also follow Quest on Facebook:

Bible 201 Starting Next Week – Saturday afternoon we’ll be wrapping up the last lesson of my “mix and match” Bible 101 class that takes place on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. That means Bible 201 starts Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30 pm and Saturday, February 11th at 1 pm. If you’ve completed Bible 101 in the past, you’re welcome to jump on board with Bible 201 on those dates.

Easter For Kids on March 12th, a special one day kids’ event to take place at our ministry center between 11am-3pm. Registration info coming soon.

Community Grand Opening on March 20th at our Sunday morning services.

Service Livestreaming – We have internet installation scheduled for this coming week. That’s the latest and greatest. Things are coming together….

Mission Board Meeting – This week members of the Leadership Team and I met for a couple hours with our Mission Counselor, Ed Schuppe, up from Atlanta, and our WELS District Mission Board. They reviewed with us and gave feedback on the 2020 Staffing Plan that we will be presenting at the open forums coming up this week. We received great encouragement regarding the potential of receiving a “mission enhancement” grant through the Mission Board to complete full-funding for our proposed 2nd full-time pastor position. We discussed the logistics, process, and timeline involved in that grant request in regard to calling a 2nd pastor.

Viking Explorers Camps— Wisconsin Lutheran High School invites you to set sail this summer with the Vikings Explorers summer program. There are a variety of summer camp options that allow your kids to grow and experience a wide variety of activities and interests in a Christian setting. Access the full 20 page booklet of opportunities online at VotL has a limited # of copies on the info table in the ministry center lobby.

Luther Prep Summer Camps – Luther Preparatory School summer camps are designed to impart valuable skills within the framework of Christian fellowship with other young people. In additional to critical skills training, challenging games and fun contests are in integral part of this annual summer experience! For more info, please visit and click on “Athletics” to find “Summer Camps” in the drop down menu. Register early, the camps fill quickly. For music camps, click on “Performing Arts” to find “Summer Music Camp” in the drop down menu. Luther Prep is a 4 year high school with dormitories supported by the WELS located in Watertown, WI.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben