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Dear Friends, 

“That day Herod and Pilate became friends-- before this they had been enemies” (Luke 23:12).

Frenemies! Sounds a lot like the political process, the debates and the backroom deals that go on today. People who spoke highly of each other four years ago are enemies. Enemies four years ago are now friends.

Thankfully the way friendship with God works is very different...and, dare I say it, scandalously so. Find out what I mean as we continue our Lent series “Scandal” this Sunday at Victory of the Lamb.

All are invited to join us for worship Sunday morning at 9 or 10:45. Victory Kids during both. 

Easter For Kids is coming next Saturday March 12th, a special one day kids’ event to take place at our ministry center between 11am-3pm for kids ages 3-11. To register, visit our church website. To volunteer during the event or to donate specific items that are needed, please visit the Victory Kids lobby after church and talk to Cassy. There will be same day registration if needed. And it is ok if you have to come late or leave early for the event. We'll accommodate you.

And here are a couple things we’re especially looking for yet:

Guys to be Roman soldiers. Come on fellas, you know you want to! Who doesn’t want to stand around looking tough?

After 2nd service this Sunday we need helpers to stick around to help us stack and move chairs. The whole sanctuary is being transformed into one large room to be divided into four stations.

After Easter for Kids on March 12th, we need clean up help from 3-6 pm. We have to reset the whole church for Sunday worship the next day.

Please let Cassy know if you are willing and able to help in any of these ways. 

Quest Teen Ministry (7th – 12th grade) – Life is not easy.  We have family, friends, relationships, school, sports, our own bodies and American culture making demands on how our life is lived.  This noise can be deafening and overbearing.  Cutting through the chatter is the voice of Christ saying, “I will be with you always.”  Our life is fulfilled through Him, not the noise of this world.  If you are looking for a place to escape those distractions and be comforted by Christ with fellow Christian teens, come to Quest on Sunday nights STARTING THIS SUNDAY! at 6 pm at Victory of the Lamb.  If you have any questions visit or contact Jon Brown-Schmidt via email or via phone/text: 414-531-3690. 

LWMS Talk – After our 9 am service this Sunday, Karla Jaeger, of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society will talk for 5 minutes. Any interested women more will be invited to stick around for 15 minutes in between services for more information about how you can be a part of the LWMS. Our church has been richly blessed by support from the LWMS up to this point. As a mission pastor my family received special care packages from LWMS groups on the East Coast. And our church received financial support to help run previous soccer camps and send postcard mailings. This will be a great opportunity to get involved in the wonderful work the LWMS does to support missions! 

New Livestreaming Platform! This Sunday we will again begin live streaming our worship services. Please note we have changed our live streaming platform. Here’s the new link which you can also find via our church website. 

VotL Travel Mugs are available for you to purchase in the Welcome Area this Sunday for $8 each. For your $8, you are not only buying one for yourself, but also covering the cost of a second that we will be able to give away to guests. The idea is that these travel mugs will serve as our special gift for first-time guests starting March 13th. Consider bringing your VotL travel mug to church to help reduce the use of disposable coffee cups. 

Community Grand Opening on March 20th at our Sunday morning services followed by Holy Week Services on Maundy Thursday (March 24th) at 6:30 pm and Good Friday (March 25th) at 6:30 pm and Easter Sunday (March 27th). 

Find a Place to Serve – Our Altar Team works behind the scenes to prepare the elements for Holy Communion and keep the altar tidy and clean. Now seeking more volunteers. No experience necessary. Training provided. Please contact Nancy Fabian if interested.

On Thursday March 10th, I need office help at the ministry center from 12:30-3:30 as well as on Thursday March 17th, from 12:30-3:30. There is worship folder folding to be done, new connections cards and prayer request cards to be cut, and grand opening postcards to be sorted into mailing bins for a bulk mailing, etc. 4-5 people needed. Send me a quick email if you are interested in helping.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben  


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