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Victory News - Thanksgiving Eve Worship

Dear Friends,

Remember. Lest we forget…God, his goodness, his blessings.

Remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:18).

Join us tomorrow on Thanksgiving Eve at 6:30 pm at our ministry center as we thank and praise God in worship for all the ways he has blessed us and our church family. This is our first ever Thanksgiving service as a church! After the service we are having a pie social in the lobby. All are welcome to stay and enjoy some food and fellowship. There is no service on Thanksgiving Day.

Poulos Family Benefit – A giant THANK YOU to everyone who helped create a community event Sunday afternoon where we were able to show the love of JESUS and raise over $12,000 for the Poulos family! (We'll have a final amount to share after we receive all the vendor contributions.) Read a brief recap here. Through our church we’ve also set up a Poulos Family Fund that you can give directly towards using our online giving platform.…

Victory News - Benefit Sunday

Dear Friends,

This afternoon at 4pm, the Franklin High School football team is playing in the D1 state championship game in Madison against an undefeated team from Kimberly. What an exciting opportunity for those football players to compete for the title of state champs! A video was posted online of the team buses pulling out and heading to the big game.

I’m guessing though there wasn’t a video of you heading off to work today, was there? No police escort. Nobody lining the street wishing you the best. At least there wasn’t for me.

And yet… in a very real sense, God has also put us together on a team. His team. The Church. Together we have a mission. To share Christ’s victory…over doubt, over despair, over previously unbeaten death itself.

Join me this Sunday as we conclude our study of 1 Corinthians with God’s promise that because Jesus lives…our mission work in this world is NOT IN VAIN. He is cheering us on!

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Al…

Victory News - 3 Days That Changed the World

On Tuesday, the citizens of our country are going to elect our next President. That individual will be the 44th different person to hold the office. It’s an important position and a high calling to be sure. Yet every president’s term of office has been measured by a calendar marked off by the life of a man who once worked as Jewish carpenter nearly 2,000 years ago—Jesus of Nazareth.

In fact every time any human being anywhere on the planet opens a calendar, checks their phone, or boots up a computer, they are reminded that Jesus Christ has in fact become the hinge of human history.
Many world leaders have come and gone. The legacy of Jesus Christ lives on.

Nero, for example, died “in the year of our Lord”—A.D. 68. Napoleon died “in the year of our Lord” 1821. Joseph Stalin died “in the year of our Lord” 1953.

As author John Ortberg says, “Maybe Jesus was not Lord of lords and King of kings, but how strange that now every ruler who ever reigned must be dated in reference to the life o…