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On Tuesday, the citizens of our country are going to elect our next President. That individual will be the 44th different person to hold the office. It’s an important position and a high calling to be sure. Yet every president’s term of office has been measured by a calendar marked off by the life of a man who once worked as Jewish carpenter nearly 2,000 years ago—Jesus of Nazareth.

In fact every time any human being anywhere on the planet opens a calendar, checks their phone, or boots up a computer, they are reminded that Jesus Christ has in fact become the hinge of human history.
Many world leaders have come and gone. The legacy of Jesus Christ lives on.

Nero, for example, died “in the year of our Lord”—A.D. 68. Napoleon died “in the year of our Lord” 1821. Joseph Stalin died “in the year of our Lord” 1953.

As author John Ortberg says, “Maybe Jesus was not Lord of lords and King of kings, but how strange that now every ruler who ever reigned must be dated in reference to the life of Jesus.”

Join me this Sunday at Victory of the Lamb as we explore why—three days that changed the world. Three days that can change your life! 

(ICYMI watch my sermon from this past Sunday on how Jesus has busted the good person myth...and instead has given us a message that is truly Good News!)

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm through Nov 9 - “Who Is This Man?”
Companion Bible class to the sermon series from 6:30-8:30pm at the Ministry Center // Contact Pastor Bill for details //

Poulos Family Benefit – Sunday, November 20th, 3-6 pm at Victory of the Lamb. – We’re hosting a bake sale, silent auction, vendor sales event at our ministry center. Will be family friendly and have activities for kids. Visit the event page on our website for more info. Contact Robyn to get involved. Visit our church Facebook page and use social media to share the event with your friends. Let’s get the word out!

Operation Jesus Cares – Wednesday, December 21st. Once again we will partner with Christ St. Peters School in Milwaukee for assembly and delivery of care packages. This is our opportunity to have a positive impact on a struggling community. You can donate through an OJC envelope (available at the Welcome Area), or make an online donation through the church website. To volunteer, sign-up in the Welcome Area or contact Ryan Solie at. Visit our event page to read more, see pictures from last year’s project.

VotL Bucks Game – Saturday, December 3rd. I have reserved a block of 40 tickets as part of WELS Day to watch the Bucks take on the Brooklyn Nets. $20 per ticket; ages 2 and older need a ticket. Following the game, kids can shoot a free throw on the Bucks court! Koine lead singer, Brian Davison, will be singing the national anthem. Register online using this form to reserve your ticket(s). Please RSVP by November 18th.

Volunteer Opportunity – We are looking to form a Properties Team. Has God gifted you with skills in any of the following areas: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, general maintenance, yard maintenance and lawn care or general cleaning? If so, you can volunteer to use your gifts by becoming a member of the Properties Committee! To get involved using these gifts that God has given you, contact Pastor Bill at or Ron Takacs.

Breakfast and Bible Group – Will meet again this Monday, October 31 @5:45-6:45 am in the ministry center lobby // all are welcome // free breakfast and coffee. Studying Ephesians.

Kingdom Workers Banquet. Last night I was asked to speak at the annual banquet for Kingdom Workers about the impact of the Builders For Christ—before, during, and after construction of our ministry center. We’ve got so many great pictures and stories…people really appreciated celebrating all that God accomplished through those special volunteers, including all those from our church who worked alongside them and supported them. What a story of God’s blessings the last 2 years have been!

NIFLA Training – In my role as a Board Member for WELS Lutherans for Life I will be attending a training event this Friday evening and all day Saturday. We are in the process of a very exciting transition. We are hoping with God’s blessings to be able to convert our main pregnancy counseling center into a medical clinic that is certified to offer free ultrasounds. Please keep this effort tin your prayers. Let me know if you’d ever like more info about getting involved with this life-giving ministry.

NPH After Thanksgiving Sale – November 25 & 26 @NPH Christian Books & Gifts Store. Visit Northwestern Publishing House on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving for all your Christmas shopping needs. You'll find special savings, complimentary gift-wrapping, and a free Christmas basket drawing, all in our friendly, Christian environment. Plus, on Friday, jump start your busy day with a hot Rise & Shine breakfast, served free to you by your friends at NPH!

Invite Cards – Are available on the info table. Pick some up. Keep them handy in your wallet, purse, or car so you can give them away and invite people to come to church. 

Online Giving - If you are using online banking to pay your bills, consider using our online giving. Safe and convenient for one-time or recurring gifts. Go to and click on “Give”.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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