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Victory News - Another Year of God's Grace

Dear Friends,

(In case you missed them – Watch our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services online. Enjoy a fresh perspective on what a difference Christmas makes every single day!)

It’s a little hard to believe but our next opportunity to worship together will be in 2017! Join me this Sunday on New Year’s Day as we begin another new year of God’s grace. I can’t imagine any better way to start a new year than being with my church family gathering to hear God’s Word—to be reassured of God’s forgiveness and a fresh start, to seek God’s guidance for how to be a better version of myself, to help carry each other’s burdens, and to pray for God’s blessings for the road ahead.

In the News – Check out a great article from local reporter Tiffany Stoiber about our Operation Jesus Cares Christmas Project with Christ-St Peter’s school. Thanks again to all who donated, prayed, or volunteered for this event!

New Bible 101 Class – Saturdays @10:30am. Start the new year out right. New class is starting…

Victory News - Christmas Weekend Is Here!

Hey there, are you reading this? Anybody listening? I guess I just have to trust your Pastor Ben that somehow the internet (whatever that is!) will deliver this message to you. It’s a little hard to comprehend how incredible your forms of communication are today. Amazing!

Because I’m just a shepherd—think sort of like a baby-sitter except that I watch over sheep. A sheep-sitter! But this Christmas Eve I’ve also got a powerful story to share with you. I’ve come a long way to share it, but it’s definitely going to be worth it. I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of me being with you Saturday. You see I’ve found the secret to having peace. I’m telling you folks, this is for real! And I just can’t keep it to myself.

So would you please join me this Christmas Eve? I have a message to share more relevant to your lives than you would ever think possible in your technology filled world. But hey, enough about me. Join me and your other shepherds (aka your pastors) at either 4:30 or 6:30 pm t…

Victory News - Weekend Weather

Dear Friends,

I don’t think there’s any doubt we’ll be having a white Christmas this year. It looks like God is reminding us that we still live in Wisconsin! Another round of snow is headed our way on Friday and Saturday followed by a deep freeze on Sunday.

I just wanted to let you all know that we’re aware of the weather and we’ve been talking about it as a team. At this time, the Saturday rehearsal for the Victory Kids Christmas program to take place on Sunday during the 10:45 service is going forward as planned. If we need to change anything we’ll communicate through email, Facebook, and a special Victory Kids weather update page on the church website.

So consider this your invitation to bundle up or perhaps “gird thyselves” (like the old King James Version used to say!) and join us this Sunday in person or online for a special Sunday of worship. The message as we continue our series “The Way It Was” will be the same both services except that the Victory Kids service will take place…

Victory News - 2nd Week of December

Dear Friends,

Are you ready for Christmas?

Amidst all the busyness of this season, don’t forget to prepare your heart! Long ago that’s why God sent someone named John. “To prepare the way for the Lord” was his mission.

Join me this Sunday as we hear from him again. His words are as relevant as ever as we continue our series “The Way It Was.”

(ICYMI – Watch my sermon from last Sunday. “God has not forgotten about you (even when sometimes it feels like it)!”

Friends of Jesus - Christmas Toy Drive – Last call to bring new, wrapped toys for the toy drive for needy kids. Gifts will be picked up during the second service on Sunday. You can go to the Toy Needs List online to choose the age child you would like to purchase a gift for. You can also go to the Welcome area at the Ministry Center to pick up a gold information sheet with specific details. Contact Nancy Thompson with questions.

Christian Art Available This Sunday, December 11, our graphic designer, Naomi Scheel, will be selling pri…

Sanctuary Art and Furnishings

Dear Church Family,

Stuffed. To me, it’s a Thanksgiving word.

This year has certainly been stuffed full of God’s blessings. It was wonderful to actually get to sit with my family during our first Thanksgiving Eve service and listen with them (as much as possible with a toddler sitting next to you!) to Pastor Bill’s sermon. A year ago we were worshiping at the cinema. Now we have our own ministry center. A year ago I was a lone-ranger pastor. This year I have an associate. I am thankful.

Pastor Bill encouraged us to remember the Lord’s faithfulness to us over our lifetimes as well as over the timeline of our church. I was reminded again this morning when I saw our attendance report for November. Adults + kids we averaged over 350 people a Sunday in worship. Wow! To God be the glory. I am thankful.

In view of God’s blessings this past Thanksgiving week, month, year…I wish to present both a simple update and a special giving opportunity for this December.

We’re at the point where I belie…