Victory News - Christmas Weekend Is Here!

Operation Jesus Cares - The Christmas Project

Hey there, are you reading this? Anybody listening? I guess I just have to trust your Pastor Ben that somehow the internet (whatever that is!) will deliver this message to you. It’s a little hard to comprehend how incredible your forms of communication are today. Amazing!

Because I’m just a shepherd—think sort of like a baby-sitter except that I watch over sheep. A sheep-sitter! But this Christmas Eve I’ve also got a powerful story to share with you. I’ve come a long way to share it, but it’s definitely going to be worth it. I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of me being with you Saturday. You see I’ve found the secret to having peace. I’m telling you folks, this is for real! And I just can’t keep it to myself.

So would you please join me this Christmas Eve? I have a message to share more relevant to your lives than you would ever think possible in your technology filled world. But hey, enough about me. Join me and your other shepherds (aka your pastors) at either 4:30 or 6:30 pm this Christmas Eve. And bring a friend! Please…help them find peace. Help them find Jesus. There is still room around the manger.

(ICYMI – This past Sunday was our Victory Kids Christmas program followed by a special message where we learned that God is bigger than all our problems and struggles. Watch it here!)
Operation Jesus Cares – Wednesday was a great opportunity to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. About 30 volunteers shared Christ's love in a Milwaukee neighborhood for the 5th year in a row along with the school kids from Christ-St. Peter Lutheran school. Thank you to everyone who volunteered or donated for this special event. For the 5th year in a row we collected $2,500 to accomplish this! Well done, everyone! Check out some pictures on our church Facebook page.

Christmas Worship Opportunities at Victory of the Lamb – on Christmas Eve we will have two services: 4:30 and 6:30 pm. Each service is the same. The music will have a special bluegrassy feel. On Christmas Day we will have just one service at 9 am with Holy Communion. This is a completely different service from Christmas Eve. There is no Victory Kids on Christmas Day. Our New Year’s Day schedule will be our regular Sunday morning schedule with two services and Victory Kids at both.

YEAR END MATCHING GIFT OPPORTUNITY - Sanctuary Art and Furnishings. Generous donors who are excited about seeing this project successfully completed have volunteered to match dollar for dollar any special gifts given between now and the end of the year! So far we’ve raised about 40K of the 50K required to fully fund the project. That means we have just 10K to go—5K in gifts received by the end of the year would be fully matched to bring us to finish line! Again, this is completely a free will giving opportunity. If God has blessed you this past year and you’re excited to help furnish our worship space with a beautiful wall piece, an altar, a baptismal font, and a preaching podium by this coming Easter…this would be a great time to give to get your gift matched. Details of the project can be found online here as well as ways to donate.

New Leadership Team Members – Steve Abramowski and Jason Seiberlich were chosen to serve on the Leadership Team at our meeting Monday evening. They will be installed in worship on January 1st and begin their terms of office at the next Leadership Team meeting on January 16th. Thank you to everyone who was nominated and willing to serve! It speaks well to the health of our congregation that there were so many individuals able and willing to serve. What a blessing to have you all part of our church family to help carry out our mission of sharing Christ’s victory with today’s people, loving them enough to meet them where they’re at.

In Jesus’ peace,

Pastor Ben


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