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Andrew says if you bundle up it's not so bad!

Dear Friends,

I don’t think there’s any doubt we’ll be having a white Christmas this year. It looks like God is reminding us that we still live in Wisconsin! Another round of snow is headed our way on Friday and Saturday followed by a deep freeze on Sunday.

I just wanted to let you all know that we’re aware of the weather and we’ve been talking about it as a team. At this time, the Saturday rehearsal for the Victory Kids Christmas program to take place on Sunday during the 10:45 service is going forward as planned. If we need to change anything we’ll communicate through email, Facebook, and a special Victory Kids weather update page on the church website.

So consider this your invitation to bundle up or perhaps “gird thyselves” (like the old King James Version used to say!) and join us this Sunday in person or online for a special Sunday of worship. The message as we continue our series “The Way It Was” will be the same both services except that the Victory Kids service will take place during the 10:45 service. 9 am will be a regular service. A reminder there is no Victory Kids during the 9 am service.

Postcard Sorting Volunteers Needed This Monday from 12:30-3:30 pm we will be having a postcard sorting party at the ministry center. We have 17,500 Christmas Eve postcards we need to sort into mailing bins so they can be taken to the post office on Tuesday. Ideally we would have 6-10 people show up to help make this happen. Can you help? The more the merrier. Please email me to let me know you’re coming or else just show up around 12:30 on Monday. Thank you!

Invitation Encouragement – Did you know…Christmas Eve is the single most likely day of the year people are willing to visit a church? Please use this opportunity to invite someone you know who doesn’t have a church home to join you at one of our services. Use social media, hand deliver a postcard with a personal note, shovel snow for your neighbors, drop off some freshly baked cookies…show them kindness in whatever way is most natural to you. Let them know we’re a place where everyone is welcome and no one is pressured. Let them know we’re a place where you’ve found peace through a message of hope in Jesus!

Operation Jesus Cares – Wednesday, December 21st, 8am-noon. Once again we’re partnering with Christ St. Peter’s School in Milwaukee for assembly and delivery of care packages with the students. This is our opportunity to have a positive impact on a struggling community. Still time to help as a volunteer. Sign-up in the Welcome Area or contact Ryan Solie. Visit our event page to read more and see pictures from last year’s project.

Toy Drive Thanks – Friends of Jesus thanks us for donating over 60 gifts that will given to students from Christ-St Peter school. Thank you all for so generously stepping up to show Christ’s love in this way!

Christian Art Available One More Sunday. This Sunday, December 18, our graphic designer, Naomi Scheel, will be selling prints of her Scripture based artwork in the lobby. This is your opportunity to purchase and enjoy some beautiful Christian artwork just in time for Christmas! $5 from each item sold will be donated to the Poulos family.

MATCHING GIFT OPPORTUNITY - Sanctuary Art and Furnishings. Generous donors who are excited about seeing this project successfully completed have volunteered to match dollar for dollar any special gifts given between now and the end of the year! So far we’ve raised about 40K of the 50K required to fully fund the project. That means we have just 10K to go—5K in gifts received by the end of the year would be fully matched to bring us to finish line! Again, this is completely a free will giving opportunity. If God has blessed you this past year and you’re excited to help furnish our worship space with a beautiful wall piece, an altar, a baptismal font, and a preaching podium by this coming Easter…this would be a great time to give to get your gift matched. Details of the project can be found online here as well as ways to donate.

Next Leadership Team Meeting – Monday, December 19th. Contact the Leadership Team with any questions or concerns about our mission or ministry or to give feedback on any of the individuals nominated to fill the vacant Leadership Team positions

Christmas at Victory of the Lamb – on Christmas Eve we will have two services: 4:30 and 6:30 pm. On Christmas Day we will have just one service at 9 am. Our New Year’s Day schedule will be our regular Sunday morning schedule with two services and Victory Kids at both.

(ICYMI – Watch Pastor Bill’s excellent sermon from last Sunday to help you be prepared for Christmas. “When we confess our sins, God doesn't throw us away...he patiently forgives us, puts us back on our feet, and calls us to loving service over and over again.”)
Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben


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