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Victory News - Aha! Moments

I am thankful that for as often as I have been a part-time follower of Jesus (yikes…and I’m a pastor!), he has always been my full-time Savior. Watch this past Sunday’s message where I explore this truth and make some real life applications related to social media and personal relationships for all of us. And let me know how these truths are impacting you. Did you have any Aha! moments this week? Please share…through email, on social media, in person, etc. A lot of people have expressed how helpful it is to watch the message more than once and then to discuss it as a family.

This Sunday, Pastor Bill is going to unpack some “blessings in disguise” as we continue our Aha! series. I hope you can join us and discover more of God’s truth that can transform your heart…and the lives of the people in your life.

Host Team - Volunteers Needed. Christie, our host team coordinator is providing a half hour training session after the 2nd service this Sunday. Anyone who is interested in …

Victory News - An Aha! Inauguration

Questions have abounded the last couple weeks about who would show up at today’s Presidential inauguration. It seems that many people think that making an appearance of any kind much less a performance makes a statement about the individual being inaugurated into office.

But if so then what matters most is who decided to show up when Jesus was inaugurated! Of course I’m not talking about being inaugurated for the office of POTUS, but for something even more important: the office of Christ—aka Messiah, our world’s Savior.

When Jesus was baptized, it was the beginning of his 3 year public ministry as the stand-in representative of all humanity. Was he qualified for this job? Absolutely! Because who showed up to represent? The Triune God, in perfect harmony. God the Son was present being baptized. God the Holy Spirit was present in the form of a dove which alighted upon Jesus and remained. God the Father was present in the voice that boomed, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well…