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Victory News - Extraordinary God

Dear Friends,

“In those days… everyone did as they saw fit.” Sounds like a culture where people maintain that their own unlimited personal autonomy is the only virtue there is. In that way it seems quite contemporary, doesn’t it? Yet would you be surprised to learn that phrase is actually found in the Old Testament book of Judges where it describes what it was like in Israel 3,000+ years ago?

This Sunday we’ll journey back to this time of the Judges and step into the life and circumstances of a man named Gideon. We’ll see over the next four weeks that he was a man full of doubts and fears and more than a little deceit. An unlikely hero to be sure. Kinda like us. Yet we’ll see how God used this ordinary man to accomplish extraordinary things. In fact we’ll see how God specializes in using ordinary things and unlikely people to accomplish his saving will for us…and through us.

I would love to have you join me and Pastor Bill this Sunday at 9 or 10:45 as we begin our new series Ordinary…

Victory News - Empty No More

Dear Friends,

Years ago, after I had received the call to plant the church that has become Victory of the Lamb, I had a dream (actually it was more like a nightmare!). I dreamed no one showed up for church. The place was empty. In my dream I kept watching the clock. The minutes passed. Then hours. I was all alone. It was awful. Thankfully, it was a dream (and hopefully you’ll all show up on Sunday!). But I’ll never forget that feeling—the fear of an empty church (it’s a pastor thing).

Now for you maybe it’s not an empty church that you fear, but rather an empty home. Or perhaps the intense feelings that stir when our most precious life relationships fall apart or those feelings that stir at the prospect of our most meaningful relationships fading away. Can anyone or anything fill those kind of deep, empty spaces in our souls? The good news is Jesus says, “I can!”

Please join me this Sunday at 9 or 10:45 as I wrap up our “Empty” series at church and we find out how!

(ICYMI, watch and s…