Friday, June 9, 2017

Victory News - Don't Laugh at the Gaffe

Jordan, we'll be praying for you this week! Thank you, everyone, for helping raise over $3,000 for the Moore Family!

Dear Friends,

“Oops…Sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.”

Whether Gideon thought this way or not, what we’re going to see this Sunday is that he made a huge spiritual gaffe. Something that started out seemingly kind of small spiraled into something significant and spiritually dangerous. That ever happen to you? Have you ever set up a secret idol, unintentionally? You might be surprised to find out you have. But even more surprising is to learn how God deals with us according to his grace time and time again…even when our lives are full of spiritual gaffes!

Join us this Sunday at 9 or 10:45 as Pastor Bill is going to bring home our series Ordinary People, Extraordinary God with the grand finale in part 4: Gideon’s Gaffe.

(ICYMI, watch and share my sermon from this past Sunday. God used Gideon to defeat the Midianites. See how God also wants to use you. And the good news is that Gideon’s God…is our God too! He is patient when we waver. He is powerful when we’re weak!)

Soccer Camp Is Here – Here’s How You Can Help! What a huge impact we get to make this coming week in our community by connecting with 220 kids—teaching them not only soccer skills, but also about our wonderful God who made us and redeemed us by his Son, Jesus Christ our Savior!

HELP NEEDED: 1) Donations – cash can also be donated and we will shop for you. 2) Help setting up on Sunday after church 3) Help all day Monday starting at 9 am 4) Help Tue am setting up from 8-10 am.

Please contact Cassy either via email or cell #414-899-4984. All hands on deck for Jesus! Thank you for your generosity, your prayers, and your time! For more info about the camp visit the event page on our website.

HEADS UP – Worship Time Tweaks Coming in July! – Starting Sunday, July 2nd we’re going to change our service times to 8:30 and 10:15 am. 

Peter’s Party – Sunday at the Victory Café we’ll be having a little farewell for our now former student assistant Peter Schlicht as he and his family will soon be making the transition to Madison, WI to begin serving as a pastor of Eastside Lutheran Church.

District Conference – This week Pastor Bill and I spent some time at the Seminary in Mequon attending our Southeastern WI District Conference where we got to worship with fellow WELS pastors and teachers and receive updates on our join work together as members of the synod. Highlights for me were worshiping with hundreds of fellow believers; attending a special commissioning service for new missionaries in Malawi, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mexico, Latin America and Milwaukee; also getting reports from our World Mission field such as this: there are 450 students being trained to be pastors around the world in our global Seminary programs! That’s really amazing. God is pouring out incredible blessings through the mission efforts we do together!

Get some exercise, Love our neighbors – Partnering with My Team Triumph, the Coventry group home we serve here in Franklin has become an official training site where people can come over and push the ladies in our special jogging strollers around the neighborhood. Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm from now through September and you are invited to participate by coming over to run or walk as we push the ladies around a one mile loop in the neighborhood. Find out more and sign up here on our website. Give it a try! You can go at your own pace. It’s really not hard and it’s a wonderful way also for a family to get some exercise together while loving and serving our neighbors.

Tuition Assistance Fund – To see the tuition assistance fund guidelines or to apply for tuition assistance before June 30, 2017 visit our Christian Education page of our website. To contribute to this fund go to our online giving page. Under “Select Fund” click on Tuition Assistance.

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Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben

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