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Victory News - Saturated With Prayer

Dear Friends,

To be honest, I’ve never considered myself an accomplished pray-er. I’ve always felt that other people probably pray more frequently, more naturally and more insightfully. So it’s been really healthy for me personally to spend a whole summer saturated with a sermon series on prayer. I hope you’ve felt that way too as we’ve been working through some tremendous examples of prayer in the Bible and seeing how we too can pray with the confidence that our prayers are powerful!

For example, this past Sunday we learned to confidently go to God and ask him to do in you what only God can do. We looked at how this can be as easy as using a one-liner prayer.

Cleanse…  Create…  Cultivate…

Those were a couple of my one-liners based on Psalm 51 in the Bible. What were some of yours? Did you get an opportunity to craft your own one-liner prayers for God’s unlimited power?

In case you missed last weekend’s message, be sure and catch up by watching it online. And join us this Sunday at 8:30 o…

Victory News - Pray for God's Power

Dear Friends,

YouTube has been a game changer for me. I learned how to install a new video card in an old desktop computer by watching a video. I learned how to put new strings on my mandolin by watching a video. There is almost no limit to the number of things you can learn to do by watching a “How-to” video online. YouTube empowers me and makes me feel like I can do almost anything (so long as I can find a video of a twelve-year old showing me how via the internet!)

And yet is that true…that you can do anything you put your mind to doing?

Not exactly. This Sunday we’ll be looking at Psalm 51 in the Bible where we see that there are indeed some things, some really huge and important things!, that only God can do. And that’s why we need prayer. Prayer is acknowledged helplessness. At the same time prayer is acknowledging God’s power to do in us what we cannot do ourselves.

So please join me this Sunday at 8:30 or 10:15 as we continue our series Prayer Is Powerful. And in case you missed …