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What's Your "Generostory"?

Dear Friends,

I’m going to coin a new word. Ready for it?

Generosity + Your Story = Your Generostory.

What’s yours? What’s your generostory #BecauseofJesus?

During our Thanksgiving Eve service we didn’t collect an offering. Instead we gave out 100 envelopes filled with over $2,300 cash for all of you to be able to generously bless someone else #BecauseofJesus. I hope you’ve been having fun with it and experiencing the joy of giving!

It’s certainly been pure joy this week for Pastor Bill and me as we’ve heard and seen some of your generostories (it’s got a plural!). Keep ‘em coming! So far we’ve received from you via email or seen on Facebook a number of your generestories and they’re spectacular! For example, here’s one where Linda received $5 and parlayed it into $55 to make an even bigger impact…

“I received 5.00 and thought about how I could grow that amount. During our small family Thanksgiving dinner I shared the assignment and asked each family to match the $5. A couple gave me 20s a…

Victory News - Is Your Heart Happy?

Dear Friends,

“A generous person will prosper;whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25).

Generous people are happier people! This isn’t mumbo jumbo. It’s a fact supported by modern research. The commitment to be generous actually increases both generosity and happiness.

Why is this? I believe it’s because God has wonderfully designed us as his creatures to reflect his own nature and character. The Bible reveals to us a God who is generous. He is the greatest giver. He gave his own Son for the world and provides us with everything we need. And when we reflect his character in our lives by being generous with our time and money to help others, we discover a little more of the happy heart of God who once made humanity in his own image.

Friends, how’s your heart doing? Are you happy? This Sunday we’re going to begin a new series this Thanksgiving season that will lead us to become happier people as we learn to reflect God’s generous heart. Pastor Bill will begin this we…