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Victory News - God's Unconditional Love

Dear Friends,

This week I ran across an old grocery store bag in the corner of the garage. It was heavier than I expected it to be. That’s because there were a couple rocks in it. (What…you don’t keep a bag of rocks in your garage too!?)

Rocks like the one pictured above. And I was reminded of my shortcomings. You see, five people who weren’t able to attend our VotL groundbreaking ceremony in May of 2015 gave me their “prayer rocks” which I promised I was going to press into the concrete foundation of our ministry center building along with the hundred or so other prayer rocks that people made at the groundbreaking ceremony.

But these five rocks in the grocery store bag didn’t make it. I failed to put them in the foundation. They found their way instead into the corner of the parsonage garage. And I couldn’t help but wonder, How many other things have I failed to do over the years of serving as a pastor here? How many other things have I overlooked or in my weakness failed to say or …